December 1

Flying tree snake WP14

Sadness, back from thanksgiving break.


Thank god these don’t like their prey big, or else survival will be a lot harder. Chrysopelea, more commonly known as the flying snake, is a genus that belongs to the family Colubridae. Flying snakes are not very venomous only mildly, though the venom is only dangerous to their small prey.┬áChrysopelea hunt during the day. They prey upon lizards,┬ábirds,┬ábats, and frogs.

It climbs using ridge scales along the belly, pushing against rough bark surface of tree trunks, allowing it to move upward up a tree. Upon reaching the end of a tree’s branch, the snake continues moving until its tail dangles from the branch’s end. It then makes a J-shape bend, it will then lean forward to select the level of inclination it wishes to use to control its flight path, as well as selecting a wanted landing area. Once it decides on a destination, it propels itself by thrusting its body up and away from the tree, sucking in its abdomen and flaring out its ribs to turn its body into a “pseudo concave wing”, all the while making a continual serpentine motion of lateral undulation parallel to the ground to stabilise its direction in midair in order to land safely.

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  1. Matthew

    Hey you, yeah you, so you like jumping snakes right? That’s good man, that’s real good, cause I do too, and if you saw one jumping at you, what would you do?

    Matthew go away and deal with it, i’m writing my response in your comment.


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